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Where to buy bulk sugar and syrups in Europe

25/01/2024 By Kay Sandhu in Products

As a leading bulk sugar supplier in Europe, Ragus manufactures pure sugars and syrups for businesses in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. When purchasing pure sugars or syrups in bulk from a supplier, there are multiple factors to consider, including quality assurance, industry accreditations and certifications, pricing models and delivery options.

Buying sugar in bulk: factors to consider

When purchasing sugar in bulk, industry buyers should consider the following factors:

1. Quality standards and certifications
As with any ingredient that is being used in food, beverages and pharmaceutical products, our pure sugar syrups and crystallines are subject to quality control scrutiny at every stage of the manufacturing process. We can say a sugar or syrup product is of the highest quality and purity, but we need to be able to prove this. Ragus’ sugar accreditations demonstrate product quality. We hold multiple accreditations, including The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), and hold all the relevant industry standard independent certifications. This means that, as a buyer, you can be confident of the quality of our pure sugars and syrups.

Worker wearing Ragus branded cap looking into a microscope in a lab

Ragus tests every product to ensure it is of the utmost quality and purity.

2. Packaging options and considerations
Packaging plays an important role in cost, efficiency and logistics. Robust, sustainable materials that protect the product during transit are essential. Ragus works with customers to ensure appropriate packaging is used depending on product, volume and location. Our pure crystalline sugars are packed in 25kg paper sacks and flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), while our syrup packaging options include 30,000 litre road tankers, intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and pails.

Ragus product in white bags and tins being stored in a factory location

1000kg flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) (left) and 25kg sacks (right), our packing for crystalline sugars.

Ragus product in white bags and tins being stored in a factory location

Pure sugar syrups are supplied in 30,000l bulk road tankers, or 1000l intermediate bulk containers (IBC) (left), and 25kg pails (right), depending on product and delivery location.

3. Minimum order quantities (MOQs)
When purchasing in bulk, our minimum order quantities are 2 tonnes per product as part of a 50 tonne per year contract. Lower volumes are available via a range of ingredients resellers and distributors.

4. Delivery logistics and timelines
Check that shipping schedules and delivery times are consistent with your needs. Ragus, has been recognised with awards for its delivery service and always delivering on time, in full and to specification.

Top bulk sugar suppliers in Europe

Ragus supplies a range of crystalline sugars in bulk for use in industrial food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. Our pure sugar products are functional ingredients designed to perform production functions, such as enhancing taste, texture, and appearance.

Ragus golden syrup being stored in white tubs piled on shelves

We use a bio plastic film for pallet wrap produced from sugarcane that reduces our plastic packaging use by 50%.

As well as managing sugarcane and sugar beet sourcing, Ragus has developed an industry-leading reputation for manufacturing high quality products as well as supporting our customers with our expertise on all aspects of sourcing, manufacturing and delivery. As a leading sugar distributor in Europe, Ragus also delivers to customers across the continent.

Syrup wholesalers in Europe

Ragus supplies a range of pure specialised liquid sugars, golden syrups, inverts, treacles and molasses in bulk for use in industrial applications. These ingredients are specially formulated to perform a particular function, whether it be to develop colour or flavour, or as a humectant.

Ragus produces two types of invert sugar syrup: fully inverted and partially inverted sugar syrup. We also supply glucose syrup, an intensely sweet ingredient that is typically used in sweets and other baked goods, but also in other specialised applications, such as preventing crystallisation in medicines. Golden syrup and liquid sugar are some other products manufactured by Ragus. Find out more about our range of syrups.

Worker wearing Ragus cap in a factory holding a clipboard

Our head of quality testing syrups following manufacturing during filling.

Bulk sugar prices in Europe

Multiple factors influence pricing for bulk sugar. Alongside changes to import tariffs, the weather and climate conditions also play a role in bulk sugar prices. Warm, dry weather is ideal for growing sugarcane, which is grown in tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Drought and floods can ruin harvests, however. By contrast, sugar beet is grown in colder, temperate climates in places like the UK, Germany and Poland, where flooding has recently impacted negatively on crop yields.

In the European sugar market, sugar prices rose significantly in 2022 and into 2023, largely due to poor weather conditions affecting beet crop production within Europe and the El Niño weather event is affecting sugarcane production in countries like India and Thailand in 2024.

Buying bulk sugar and syrups: tips for making informed purchases

Prior to contacting sugar syrup and crystalline sugar suppliers, clarify your requirements, including for product quality, quantity, costs and delivery. Our customer services team will need this information so we can provide an accurate quote.

By clarifying your requirements, setting a price while being flexible and fair, suppliers are best placed to establish long-term relationships with manufacturers.

Ragus supplies high-quality pure sugars and syrups in bulk to industrial food and beverage producers to enhance product tastes, textures and appearance. Our sugars are not only sweeteners enhancing the taste of foods and beverages, but functional ingredients that provide foundational properties to food products, such as colour and texture.

To learn more about our pure sugar products, contact our Customer Services Team. For more sugar news and Ragus updates, keep browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn.

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