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Sugar accreditations: another level of quality

28/06/2019 By Ibrahim Belo in Responsibility Quality & certifications

Having a high-quality sugar product is one thing – ensuring it is certified by some of the world’s leading bodies is what elevates sugar to another level. 

What are sugar accreditations?

As one of the most ubiquitous foodstuffs in the world, sugar comes under extreme quality control scrutiny to ensure that the global supply is safe for consumption and exactly as advertised. Accreditations take this process one step further, allowing sugar products to be certified against the unique and rigorous standards of a range of industry-specific bodies. Put simply, this is the difference between an ordinary bar of a chocolate and a certified bar.

The importance of these is the instant information they provide a potential buyer or end consumer. At a glance, they can quickly ascertain the merits of a sugar product, both in terms of the quality it offers an end product and the way it was sourced or produced. In theory, this could prove to be the difference between a sale and a buyer choosing another sugar product.

As such, Ragus Sugars’ proudly holds several accreditations. Although quality control is the second of our 10 corporate social responsibility (CSR) pillars, we believe having products that are further tested against these industry-specific standards is the best way to ensure our clients receive premium sugar products every time they order. Below are some examples of the accreditations we hold and their importance to our products.

The ten pillars of corporate social responsibility at Ragus.


The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is the world’s most recognised standard-setting body. Its ISO 9000 family of quality management systems ensure that organisations across the globe meet the statutory and regulatory requirements that customers and stakeholders demand. Through Quality Assurance Systems Ltd. Ragus Sugars is certified to have documented evidence showing adherence to ISO 9000, ISO 9000:2000, and ISO 14000.

British Retail Consortium Global Standard (BRCG)

The BRCG is a leading brand and consumer protection organisation used by over 28,000 suppliers across 130 countries that is primarily designed to deliver confidence in supply chains. Ragus Sugars holds BRGC certification in Food, Packaging, Consumer Products and Storage & Distribution, providing assurance to our customers that all aspects of our operations are of the highest safety and legal quality.


Ragus Sugars is a member of Bonsucro, an internationally recognised not for-profit organisation whose primary mission is reduce the environmental and social impacts of sugarcane production.  This is achieved through its leading metric-based certification system and continuous support for all actors in the sugar supply chain. More on Bonsucro’s work can be found in our blog.

European Brewing Convention (EBC)

All our sugar products for the brewing industry adhere to the standards set out by the EBC. The EBC uses a special scale based on sugar and malts to grade the colour of a product. To determine this, a sample is taken and placed in a spectrophotometer, allowing the percentage of sugar to be analysed. From here, when the percentage of sugar is higher, the malt or sugar is darker.

Ragus accreditations.

Fairtrade Foundation

The Fairtrade Foundation is a global movement designed to ensure farmers and producers are paid fairly for their work. The core Fairtrade mark is a registered certification label that shows products adhere to the Fairtrade Standards. At Ragus Sugars, we are proud to offer several products that bear this mark.

Organic Food Federation

Companies that produce certified organic products and are registered with the Organic Food Federation can use the OFF symbol on relevant products. The use of this symbol on several of our products means they are fully compliant with the organic regulations. For Ragus Sugars this means the raw product sourced must be grown without the use of pesticides or genetic modification.

Sugar Mark

Being able to use the Sugarmark symbol means we adhere to the internal quality criteria ‘Codex Alimentarius’ which was set up by the Food & Agriculture Organisation of the World Health Organisation and the United Nations. It is the global symbol of naturally grown sugar used by growers and producers and promotes the cause of good food for everyone, everywhere.

International Commission for Uniform Methods of Sugar Analysis (ICUMSA)

All our sugar from crystalline to syrup is tested against the ICUMSA scale which measures colour and moisture. The ICUMSA is a global body that brings together the activities of 20 member states from the National Committees for Sugar Analysis. This method of sugar grading by colour provides an easy way for producers to categorise sugars in line with globally recognised guidelines.

Ragus is built on a passion for sugars and a desire to support the food and beverage industry as best as we possibly can. Our accreditations reflect this drive and we’re proud to share what we work toward each year. To learn more about our products, please contact our Customer Services Team. To see more sugar news and updates, continue browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

Ibrahim Belo

With a primary responsibility for manufactured product quality control, Ibrahim works within our supplier chain, factory and production laboratory. He has a focus on continuous improvement, implementing and maintaining our technical and quality monitoring processes, ensuring standards and product specifications are met.

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