Kay Sandhu Written by Kay Sandhu

The Toffee Shop in Penrith, probably the best fudge in the world

The Toffee Shop, on the left hand side at the bottom of the hill as you come into Penrith was originally opened by the Furnass family just after the First World War and has worked through three families and is now owned by Neil and Pat Boustead.

We are very happy to supply top quality specialist Cane Demerara Sugar to Neil and Pat to make the delicious confection and are currently working with them on new product development with Golden Syrup and Treacle.

Prince Charles mixes in the Ragus Golden Syrup.

                     Prince Charles mixes in the Ragus Golden Syrup.

There are hundreds of fudge shops in Britain so what makes this one so different? – It’s difficult to describe the sensation of eating the fudge – it’s a rich grainy textured like tablet Scottish fudge but smoother and not as sweet, so you can eat masses without feeling sick. Lord Lichfield has been quoted as calling it “the best fudge in the world” and endorses this by having regular orders sent.

The visitor’s book contains such luminaries as Prince Charles and Prince Andrew is known to pop in to pick up some fudge as a mothers day gift.

For more information you can check out the Toffee Shop at http://www.thetoffeeshop.co.uk