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The importance of ethical sugar supply chains

25/04/2019 By Ben Eastick in Responsibility Quality & certifications, Sourcing, Supply chain

Ethical supply chains mean all actors are paid fairly for their work. At Ragus Pure Sugars, this approach is embedded in how we operate.

What is an ethical supply chain?

An ethical supply chain or ethical sourcing refers to a supply chain in which all operators are paid and treated fairly.

Current UK law designed to enforce this is vague at best. The Modern Slavery Act dictates that all companies must write a yearly statement detailing policies, due diligence and the steps carried out to assess and manage risk. Although this is then backed up by global human rights laws, a clear and obvious piece of legislation guaranteeing that the goods we consume are the product of an ethical supply chain is lacking.

Why do Ragus Pure Sugars source raw and white sugar ethically?

At Ragus Pure Sugars, we believe that sourcing raw materials from an ethical and sustainable supply chain is not just the right thing to do but the only option. Every actor in a supply chain should be treated fairly, benefit from a high quality of life and receive an adequate income. This approach to sourcing has defined our 90-year heritage.

The products we source have often come from areas with historical human rights issues, where labour laws are not as strict as the UK. As such, guaranteeing that we are part of an ethical supply chain is even more crucial, with our decades of experience meaning we have formed supplier relationships in these areas with fairness at their core.

Promoting human rights, anti-bribery, corruption best practice and environmental and social sustainability in these areas is not only the right thing to do but should be commonplace for all businesses.

How do Ragus Pure Sugars ensure an ethical supply chain?

For many years, Ragus Pure Sugars has taken steps to be transparent with our customers and we work hard with suppliers to ensure responsibility standards are being maintained.

Alongside the Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and SEDEX accreditations, we often visit our suppliers. This includes mills, plantations and supplier brokers, with each being assessed to ensure they all share the same high standards and responsibility values that define operations at Ragus Pure Sugars.

Participating in these food standard accreditation schemes and promoting the profile of the new policies on human rights, modern slavery and bribery outlines our commitment to sustainable and ethical sourcing, meaning that every sugar product that leaves our factory is exploitation and corruption-free.

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Ben Eastick

A board member and co-leader of the business, Ben is responsible for our marketing strategy and its execution by the agency team he leads and is the guardian of our corporate brand vision. He also manages key customers and distributors.

In 2005, he took on the role of globally sourcing our ‘speciality sugars’. With his background in laboratory product testing and following three decades of supplier visits, his expertise means we get high quality, consistent and reliable raw materials from ethical sources.

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