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Ragus’ role as a bulk syrup supplier

14/12/2023 By Frank O’Kelly in Products Syrups, Treacles

Ragus manufactures pure sugar syrup in bulk for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries globally. Our syrups are used in a wide variety of applications, including baking, confectionery, soft drinks, beers and ciders, and medicines. As a specialist bulk syrup supplier, we source responsibly grown and processed sugarcane and sugar beet and work to ensure quality and transparency across our supply chain.

Syrup supplier: Ragus’ range of syrups

At Ragus, we manufacture a range of syrups that perform specific functions depending on the application. Ragus’ range of syrups are:

Golden syrup – an invert sugar, golden syrup is amber-coloured and imparts a caramel flavour to biscuits, flapjacks, tarts and pastries, among other sweet treats and desserts.

Black treacle – a dark-coloured, viscous liquid with a bitter-sweet taste, black treacle is used in both sweet and savoury foods, including marinades, Christmas pudding, gingerbread, liquorice sweets, treacle toffee and to flavour mild ales. 

Liquid sugar – a water-based sucrose solution with a thinner consistency to golden syrup or black treacle, liquid sugar has a sweet taste and it can be found in a range of food and beverage products ranging from soft drinks, fruit juices and ice cream to confectionery and pre-made sauces. Liquid sugars are also used in medicines, such as cough linctus, often blended with glucose.

Cane molasses – a dark, viscous liquid with a bittersweet flavour, cane molasses brings flavour to foods and develops the colour of a product. It is used in myriad applications, from toffee and savoury sauces to the drink stout.

Invert sugar syrup – a very sweet syrup with low viscosity, Ragus manufactures two types of invert sugar syrup: fully inverted and partially inverted sugar syrup. It is primarily used as a humectant to extend shelf life and to improve scoopability and texture of ice creams and fondants.

Glucose syrup – Ragus supplies different formulations of this very sweet syrup. These different formulations can act as a sweetener, thickener, humectant to help a product retain its moisture and for fermenting in brewing and cider production. Glucose syrup is often found in boiled sweets, fondant, some canned and pre-baked goods. As it doesn’t crystallise, this syrup is also used in pharmaceutical products to prevent crystallisation.

Ragus’ range of pure sugar syrups. Top left to right: golden syrup, black treacle and liquid sugar. Bottom row, left to right: cane molasses, invert sugar syrup, glucose syrup.

Quality control in the bulk syrup manufacturing process

Rigorous quality control is integral to the sugar syrups manufacturing process. Ragus adheres to the standards set by multiple third-party assurance and standards organisations, which can be found here. The memberships, accreditations and certifications we hold from these organisations enables us to prove compliance and provide sugar and syrups in bulk for use in different applications, meeting the needs of the most demanding customers.

Additionally, we test and measure the distinct properties of sugarcane and sugar beet products in our production laboratory prior to and post bulk production, before positive release. Each syrup is tested for stability, colour and viscosity among other properties. This testing process ensures every product that leaves the laboratory will meet its specific application needs.

Testing the properties of our pure sugar syrups in our laboratories before and after bulk production.

The tested product samples remain on site for a period of time following delivery to the customer, which means we can complete further analysis on that sample where necessary.

Responsibly sourced bulk syrups

Ragus is committed to sourcing sugarcane and beet sugar responsibly from approved suppliers. From sourcing through to delivery, there is an audit trail in place that enables us to prove the transparency of our supply chain to Ragus customers.  

The sugarcane and sugar beet that is used to produce all Ragus products is only sourced from approved suppliers in Europe, Africa, South America and the Asia Pacific region. Our focus is on procuring reliable and sustainably produced sugarcane and sugar beet.

Ragus’ sustainability strategy details how sustainable our bulk sugars manufacturing process is, while this sustainable approach also steers our environment, social and governance (ESG) strategy.   

Underpinning our bulk pure sugar syrups supply are the high quality and responsibly sourced beet and cane sugars. Supply chain transparency is essential, which is why we visit our sugar beet (left) and sugarcane (right) farmers.

Ragus bulk syrups: FAQs

Do you deliver bulk supplies of syrup throughout Europe?
Ragus can deliver syrup in bulk to destinations throughout Europe. We operate a delivered-at-place (DAP) Incoterms arrangement and will require details of quantities and your destination location. Contact us for more information.

What is the minimum order quantity?

Bulk sugars are typically supplied in order quantities of 20 tonnes and greater, per item of product.

Do you only supply syrup in bulk?
The range of syrups Ragus manufactures are supplied using intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and bulk road tankers. Depending on the volume required and location, we can supply syrup in pails. Contact us to find out more.

Is sugarcane or sugar beet used to produce syrups?
Both sugarcane and sugar beet can be used to produce Ragus’ liquid sugar, golden syrup and invert syrups. As its name suggests, cane molasses is produced from sugarcane. Black treacle is a unique blend of refiners syrup and molasses.

Where can I buy invert syrup?
Ragus produces two types of invert sugar syrup: fully inverted sugar syrup and partially inverted sugar syrup, such as golden syrup. This invert syrup is intended for use in industrial food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications. For more information, contact us.

Does Ragus supply bulk liquid sugar for pharmaceutical applications?
Yes. Ragus produces high quality syrups and sugars for nonregulated and over the counter (OTC) medicines.If you require bulk liquid sugar for use in medicines and pharmaceuticals, contact us for more information.

Is Ragus a glucose syrup supplier?
Yes, Ragus supplies glucose syrup blends in bulk for use in industrial food and beverage applications. Find out more about glucose syrup and how we use it in formulations to enhance food and beverage products.

What invert sugar syrups does Ragus produce in bulk?

Ragus produces two types of invert sugar syrup: fully inverted and partially inverted sugar syrup. Partial inverts have a longer shelf life, but both types are humectants and reduce the risk of spoilage. Find out more about our invert sugar syrup.

Bulk pure sugar syrups loaded into a 30,000 litre road tanker ready for delivery to one of our customers.

Ragus’ expertise and experience enables us to manufacture and deliver the highest quality syrup products to where it is needed, whether it be for food, beverage or pharmaceutical applications.  

Ragus manufactures syrups in bulk for industrial applications. To learn more about our pure sugar products, contact our Customer Services Team. For more sugar news and Ragus updates, keep browsing SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

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