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Our new website: dedicated to customers past, present and future 

01/12/2022 By Ben Eastick in News & updates Ragus news

Welcome to our new website! 

In 2015, our old website was ahead of its time, and even won an award for its user experience. But over the next eight years, our business grew, and we saw that new technology could inform and educate our customers – who underpin this growth – better.  

We’ve created the new site to be faster than ever, easier to navigate, and more user-friendly. As a current or potential customer or partner, you’ll discover what we do, alongside redesigned product pages, and a new knowledge platform – SUGARTALK – where you will find a raft of updated industry insight and more on our history, values and expertise. 

Our knowledge platform, SUGARTALK, gives you industry insight and expertise on sugar products and their applications and much more.

Eighteen months of research behind new mobile-optimised site 

As a family business, our history lies at the heart of our future. This new website gives us the scope to tell our story in creative and innovative ways, reflecting our values and ambitions.  

Our industrial customers and partners can understand our approach to manufacturing.

In 2022, far more people are looking at websites on mobile devices than they were in 2015. From our own analytics, we know this is just as true for our own audience as it is for the general population. So, eighteen months ago, we joined our agency team to figure out how we could design a new website that mobile viewers could also access and explore with maximum freedom and functionality.  

We’re also looking forward to expanding the story of our CSR journey, with a new section on corporate responsibility that highlights the company’s focus on responsible sourcing, sustainability and our mission to make a change both locally and globally, which has leapt ahead under our new head of CSR, Henry, and three charity partners. 

On the product side, customers can now find out about the production, manufacture, sourcing and properties of each one of our pure syrups, treacles, inverts and crystalline sugars as part of a dynamic, enhanced experience with striking visuals and a seamless flow. 

A website for our customers, by our customers 

To ensure we designed for diversity – that the final product would suit every type of customer – we dived into persona research and engaged with the deep customer and business insights held by our customer services team. We talked to our agencies’ cutting-edge UX architects to guarantee an intuitive and streamlined user experience, and their leading graphic designers to create a contemporary aesthetic. 

I want to dedicate this website to all our customers. Over the last eight years – and since our beginning at the start of the last century – they have driven the changes behind our consistent success. 

Our customers are the force behind both our progress and our future. I hope this website will support our strategy, our growth and all our relationships in the years to come. 

Manufacturing pure sugars for industry is what we do. That’s why our customers and partners in industry are always our priority.

At Ragus, we are continuously monitoring and analysing the needs of our customers. To find out more about our products, or how our expertise can benefit you, contact our customer services team at For more industry insight and Ragus updates, visit SUGARTALK and follow Ragus on LinkedIn. 

Ben Eastick

A board member and co-leader of the business, Ben is responsible for our marketing strategy and its execution by the agency team he leads and is the guardian of our corporate brand vision. He also manages key customers and distributors.

In 2005, he took on the role of globally sourcing our ‘speciality sugars’. With his background in laboratory product testing and following three decades of supplier visits, his expertise means we get high quality, consistent and reliable raw materials from ethical sources.

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