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A master of the visual medium: Colin Peacock in memoriam

Being a long-standing family business, perhaps we hold dear our closest employees and partners, always with an eye looking to the long term good of the business.

So, it is with much sadness we pay tribute to the extremely talented and gifted freelance photographer, Colin Peacock, who has sadly died from a short but sudden illness. He had still so much life left to live, although he had led a very full and worthwhile life.

A career spanning 50 years building global brands

Colin attended Bromley Technical College with his good friend and musician David Bowie and began his creative work in South London in the 1960s, which was a hotbed of top creative talent.

During Colin’s 50-year career, he photographed many famous album covers for musicians, and created world famous adverts in the automotive industry for companies such as Castrol GTX, Jaguar, Mercedes and Porsche.

From the 1990s, he worked on building the brands for Cooper Tires, Deirdre Dyson Carpet & Rugs and Ragus, among others.


An enduring legacy that lives on in the Ragus brand

Colin’s distinctive photographic style showcased every aspect of the Ragus visual identity, presenting our crystalline sugars and syrups and their packaging in a unique industry-leading style that set us apart from our peers.

Crystalline sugars going through quality control
He captured the essence of our value chain, taking our customers on a journey through the sourcing, manufacturing, consulting and delivery of our product.

And Colin demonstrated the value of our sugars in our customers’ products, visually communicating our brand through bakery, confectionery, brewing, beverages and so many other foods and medicines that form the fabric of everyday living.

Close up of beautiful confectionery

Colin, the friend, mentor and artist

Colin was extremely artistic, with an unusually hard work ethic, was very practical and did not suffer fools gladly, but was kind and modest. Some of his more recent video work was nominated for a BAFTA award.

His creativity and attention to detail will live on in the clear messaging, awareness and recognition of the Ragus Pure Sugars company and its brand for many years to come; thank you, Colin.