Ibrahim Belo Written by Ibrahim Belo

Why should sugar be sourced ethically?

Sugar production begins with sourcing. At Ragus our 90-year history as an independent importer of sugar underpins our approach to product traceability and ethical sourcing of beet and cane sugar.

Where does Ragus source its sugar?

Although both can be used to produce a whole range of sugar products, sugar cane and sugar beet require much different growing conditions. Sugar cane is a tropical plant, meaning it thrives in hot sunny places like India, Cuba and the West Indies. Sugar beet, on the other hand, prefers more temperate climates, and as such is grown in areas such as Europe, China and Canada.

For Ragus Sugars, this means keeping track of a range of suppliers situated across the globe to ensure all our raw materials maintain an ethical and exploitation-free provenance. In order to achieve this, we first assess all available suppliers in sugar-growing territories, selecting the most suitable for our requirements both now and in the future. After this, we then visit the chosen plantation, mill or refinery.

Ragus audits current and potential raw ingredient suppliers

Once onsite we assess the potential supplier to ensure they meet the high standards and responsibility values that define operations at Ragus. As well as visiting suppliers, we also use technology to follow our sugar from plantation or field through the entire delivery chain into every syrup, crystalline or special sugar formulation produced at our factory.

Why does Ragus audit its sugar suppliers?

Where our food and its constituent ingredients originate from is more important to suppliers and consumers now than it ever has been before. At Ragus Sugars, part of our knowledge transfer strategy involves carrying out audits of potential and current suppliers to guarantee that not only is the sugar of a high standard but that all players in the supply chain are paid and treated fairly. The aim of these visits and partnerships is to promote and safeguard human rights and environmentally and socially sustainable supplier business.

Onsite filming for the new Ragus sourcing video

Recently, we spent time visiting and auditing a particular raw material supplier, producing a new Ragus Sugars sourcing video in the process. This will be available on our website and YouTube channel, with photos shared on social media in the lead up to its release.

To learn more about our commitment to ethical sourcing and the standards and accreditations we hold visit our responsibility section of the website.