Jana Pettersson Written by Jana Pettersson

Web Experts Athlon Visit The Home Of Golden Syrup

Athlon London design team, Web Experts who created the Ragus website, visited the home of Golden Syrup to witness first hand the incredible inversion process that is the making of Golden Syrup.

You can watch our video on How to make Golden Syrup here.

Ben Eastick, Ragus Marketing Director, with the Athlon team (Left to Right); Victor Woode, Design Director; Jana Pettersson, Project Director; Katie Strattan, Project Manager and Laura Rebolo, UX Designer. 


“Though we all enjoy watching the Golden Syrup video, there is nothing that compares to the real life experience of seeing the process in action. The Factory tour our team undertook, led by Mel Boyle (Factory Manager) and Lee Barkus (Production Manager), was extremely insightful and simply a pleasure to experience. We will most definitely be able to use this insight to ensure all future communications and designs capture the manufacturing expertise of Ragus and their Pure Sugar products.”

Jana Pettersson, Project Director at Athlon London

Factory Manager, Mel Boyle, explains a key ingredient to the manufacture of Ragus Pure Sugar products.


Ragus is proud to announce an updated evolution of the Ragus website will be launched in February 2016 with our ongoing partners Athlon, London.