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    Jul 2021

    Danish pastries: how sugar develops unique characteristics

    As a follow-on from our recent Nordic sugar applications blog, we’ve been exploring the unique ways in which Danish pastries and biscuits utilise pure sugar products. Unlike puff pastries, Danish pastries typically use a yeast-leavened pastry to create rise, texture, flavour and more, before all the defining features such as fruits, spices and custard are […] ...

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    Jul 2021

    Transportation challenges: adding to sugar prices

    As highlighted in our recent global sugar market report, sugar prices have increased from 13 c/lb in October to 17 c/lb today. These rises have been brought about by several factors, including growing global and domestic transportation costs. Here, we break these transit challenges down into their components and explain how they are impacting sugar […] ...

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    Jul 2021

    French sugar applications in traditional recipes

    French cuisine is known for being rich and luxurious, with cheese, butter and wine key components of many famous dishes, such as coq au vin, moules marinières and gratin dauphinois. In this blog, we explore both sweet and savoury French recipes that use another key ingredient in French cooking: sugar. Cross the English Channel and […] ...

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    Jul 2021

    Global sugar market report 2021/22

    It has been over eight months since the last Ragus global sugar market report. In that time, we have seen the world start to recover from the COVID pandemic and, subsequently, global sugar consumption begin to increase. But that is only one part of the story. Below, we examine all things tonnage, price and import/export, […] ...

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    Jul 2021

    Nordic foods: more sugar applications from across the North Sea

    The latest blog in our series of global sugar applications sees us take another trip across the North Sea, this time focusing on popular uses of pure sugars and syrups in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. Of course, this is too large a feat to achieve in a single blog, so we have crudely […] ...

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    Jun 2021

    Is demerara sugar brown sugar?

    A common misconception is that demerara sugar is the same as brown sugar. Demerara sugar is indeed a type of brown sugar, but it is not the product most consumers typically associate the term ‘brown sugar’ with, which is soft brown sugar. This blog explains the differences – and why they matter – between the […] ...

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