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Sugar industry leaders in Sales & Customer Service

Ragus are proud to be celebrating their 90th year as a leading UK importer and manufacturer of pure sugars and syrups. Due to our heritage dating back to the 1880s we hold a unique and extremely knowledgeable position within the sugar market and our multi-million-pound state-of-the-art factory supplies hundreds of tonnes of pure sugar products to customers all over the world on a daily basis.

We provide a complete service – from scouring the globe for the best and most sustainable sources of pure cane sugar and beet to manufacturing a wide range of sugar products and delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the world. Our products span pure sugars and syrups to special formulations created by our expert team on site at our laboratory in the UK.

Ragus are fully committed to meeting all of our customers’ expectations and as a company all of our departments from accounting to our factory employees, to our sales team, work effectively together to ensure our operations run smoothly and competently. We are extremely proud that we are world renowned for our sales and customer services department, so let’s find out more about why our clients put us at a cut above the rest.

Meet Kay our Sales Office Manager who heads up customer service. Kay has become a part of Ragus’ furniture as she has been with us for 19 years.

Ragus is one of the world's leading pure sugar manufacturers. It sources raw sugar from across the world to manufacture sugars, syrups and special formulations from its advanced UK factory. Ragus ships its sugars globally, delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the baking, brewing, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries
QU: As the head of Customer Services what does your job entail? What are your responsibilities?

“My role is to ensure the smooth running of the customer service department, providing a link between customer and production. Dealing with the day to day issues and ensuring both our customer and production needs are fulfilled. We aim to establish a good working relationship with our customers so we understand their requirements and work with them continuously to ensure we can meet their expectations.”

QU: Excellent customer service is the intangible that sets a company apart from others. So, why is Ragus so renowned world-wide for their excellent customer services? What do you offer that others do not?

“We have an excellent customer service as we will always deliver what we promise. All orders are carefully planned with our team to ensure we can meet our customer requirements. We have a good relationship with our customers, so we will always try to help them. Ragus understands we are a key element to the smooth running of their operation. As we are a manufacturer ourselves, we understand the pressures of delivering orders on time and in full to ensure we meet our customer expectations.”

Ragus is one of the world's leading pure sugar manufacturers. It sources raw sugar from across the world to manufacture sugars, syrups and special formulations from its advanced UK factory. Ragus ships its sugars globally, delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the baking, brewing, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries
QU: What attributes do you feel make a great customer service person?

“A good customer service person needs to be flexible in their approach and understanding. They need to be confident, with a positive attitude to achieve results. You need to be good at working under pressure and always willing to cater to a customer’s individual requirements. Also building friendly relationships with customers always makes the job easier.”

QU: What is the process of dealing with a new client?

“When we receive a new enquiry from a new potential client, it is important to understand the customer’s expectations; we have to assess the needs of the customer on where we can offer support. We are always happy to supply samples for customers to trial and based on their requirements we would look to find the best option of supply.

Customers are looking for the suitable products to be used in their applications. With any new enquiry we would look to find out what the product is to be used in, what shelf life, if any, they require, what pack they would like the product supplied in and what volumes they will require of the product. This information will allow us to assess the right product, right pack and best option for supply.”

QU: If a customer in unsure about what pure sugars or syrups they need how do you help them determine what is best for their products?

“We are able to offer technical advice backed up by our knowledgeable teams to help find the most suitable product. The product finder on the website is a useful tool to find the right product for the application. It offers both a visual and a descriptive nature of the products Ragus supplies.”

QU: A good sales team should be accessible at all times when a customer is trying to contact them. What processes do you have in place?

“There is always a member of the team available on the telephone and via email to answer any customer enquiries and to deal with any issues. Customers can also contact us via the website where a representative of our team will get in touch. Client visits are also available upon request.”

QU: Obviously for Ragus to enjoy long-term success you must cultivate long-term relationships with clients. How do you achieve this?

“It is important to build a relationship with all customers as it allows you to get a better understanding of their business needs and their expectations. Ragus’ success is based on our long-term relationship with our customer base, our understanding of our customers’ needs and ability to deal and react efficiently to meet their requests.”

QU: Give some examples of typical questions clients’ have when they call for customer support.

“Some of my favourite questions are; “Can I have my order sooner?” or “I have run out of product can I have our order today?

One of the challenges of customer services is trying to help our clients when they have an unexpected demand they need to meet. We will always try to find a solution to meet their expectations.”

QU: When a customer places a new order, what do we offer in terms of product quantity and packaging.

“Ragus have a framework to support both small and large customers. We will assess the customer requirements and find the best option for Ragus to supply. We offer a range of packs from 25kg to bulk tankers supplying 1000kg to 25000kg. We have a flexible manufacturing facility that can catering for a range of different customers and their volume needs.”

QU: What is your greatest achievement as a Sales Office Manager for Ragus?

“I have worked for Ragus for over 19 years and over the years I have been part of the continual growth of the business and ensuring our customer base is always looked after. I have dealt with challenges of moving our manufacturing facility, growing our customer base and managing customer relationships.”

QU: Where do you think the business is going in the next couple of years? What measures are in place for gaining new customers.

“Ragus is continually growing and developing their business by focusing on a core range of products. We have a strong customer support team that is extremely knowledgeable to offer support to our existing and new client base. We are highly focused on our specific marketplace and our number one priority is always the customer. This is what is unique to Ragus and this continually appeals to an ever-expanding customer base.”

…Thanks Kay

Ragus Fun Fact:

With longevity in the sugar industry comes a wealth of knowledge of how different sugars perform, hence we are often called upon to advise both suppliers and customers.