The Eight Pillars of
CSR at Ragus

Our CSR strategy covers health & safety; quality; employees; sustainability; supply chain; society; and risk management.

Ragus is the leading independent importer and manufacturer of sugar products, including pure sugars and pure syrups, occupying a unique position in the European sugar market, and indeed in history.

We have been sourcing and manufacturing natural sugars for over 85 years. This heritage of responsible sourcing and traceability, combined with our state-of-the-art factory, has led us to develop Eight Pillars of CSR.

Led from the top by our directors, the Eight Pillars are embedded into our vision, strategy and operations. They are evidenced by our enhanced compliance with statutory requirements and the wide range of CSR activities we undertake.

Our Eight Pillars of CSR include statutory requirements, which we achieve in every case, and added-value activities that demonstrate our commitment with action:

Health and safety: we’ve achieved ISO 18001 with full statutory compliance. We go beyond legal requirements to deliver additional training and personal equipment to our employees.

Quality: we’ve achieved ISO 9001:2008 with full statutory compliance. Our commitment to quality is shown by our multiple sugar and food industry accreditations and certifications.

Employees: we’re working towards Investors in People (IIP) and we have launched multiple employee initiatives, including regular team meetings, training and language classes.

Sustainability: in addition to ISO 14001, our modern factory was designed and built with sustainability and resource optimisation principles incorporated, resulting in significant resource savings since it began operation.

Customers: we listen to and address our customers’ needs through formal and informal consultations and surveys. We’ve qualified to supply some of the most demanding food producers in the world.

Supply chain: alongside our Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) and Sedex accreditations, we undertake visits to our suppliers, including supplier brokers, mills and plantations.

Society: local employment and community safety are at the top of our agenda. We participate in community and charitable projects, both directly and by supporting our employees.

Risk management: underpinning our business and CSR strategy is our risk management strategy, which includes strong internal corporate governance and compliance with external requirements, such as the Bribery Act.