Ben Eastick Written by Ben Eastick

Ragus Tastes The Candy

As 2012 enters its final lap, Ragus can look back and reflect on a magnificent season of sporting achievement for the legendary Scottish racing team, Ecurie Ecosse. Throughout the year, the Ecurie Ecosse-entered BMW Z4 GT3 car carried the colours of Ragus as it battled its way to victory in GT races across Europe. The team only narrowly missed out on winning the British GT Championship at Donington Park, but that has made them even more determined to succeed in 2013.

Ben Eastick driving the Ecurie Ecosse GT3

Ben Eastick driving the Ecurie Ecosse GT3.

Here at Ragus we believe in success, and success never feels sweeter on the race track than when a car passes the chequered flag in first position.

The legendary Scottish sportscar team Ecurie Ecosse celebrated their full time return to international racing in 2012 by extending an invitation to partners to drive their race winning BMW Z4 GT3 at Leicestershire’s Donington Park.

Here at Ragus, when we heard this news, we weren’t short of applicants to drive the BMW. However, to drive the car on-track an international race licence was required, and so that shortlisted Ben Eastick to the envious task.

On a bright but cold day, Ben was handed his chance. Early in the afternoon when the damp track had dried to allow him to make full use of the car’s ‘slick’ Avon tyres, Ben was allowed to drive the race-winning Ecurie Ecosse BMW Z4 GT3.

Ben Eastick: Driving the latest technology available for a GT is quite a responsibility, especially when the car belongs to a championship winning team. Before I was allowed to sit in the car I had to study an eleven page manual on how to use all the technology available via the multi functioning steering wheel. Traction control, speed limiter, stability control, ABS and fuel maps to name but a few of the options are all available via buttons on the steering wheel….”


Continuing, “Although the 4.4 litre V8 engine produces 515 bhp with the car weighing just 1,180 kilos, the straight line speed seemed quite normal. What really wetted my appetite was the phenomenal grip that the huge rear wing, slick tyres and front splitters generated through the downhill Craner Curves. That took some getting used to, not to mention the amazing ABS AP brakes which I just didn’t use hard or late enough in the braking zone…It was an amazing experience.”

Andrew Smith, Ecurie Ecosse GT driver: “Ben definitely got the most out of the experience of driving the Ecurie Ecosse BMW Z4 GT3 given his limited track time, which hopefully Ragus can utilize in 2013 when entertaining corporate guests at GT racing event. Attending rounds of the British GT Championship would allow Ragus to give their guests a real insight into what it is like to compete with, and drive, the very latest specification GT race car”.

Alasdair McCaig, Ecurie Ecosse GT driver: “2012 was a superb season for our team. To be in with a shout of winning the British GT Championship title as the final race of the season neared its end was a magnificent achievement. Our 2012 story would not have been possible without a team of dedicated supporters. The support offered by Ragus was invaluable to us and allowed us to compete at the highest level.”

Mark Lemmer, Barwell Motorsport Team Principal:  “We’ve had a great first season on-track with the BMW Z4 GT3 and have really valued the support and involvement of all of our team partners. It has been an absolute pleasure to welcome Ragus to our team. Ragus are a very focussed and professional company, determined to succeed in everything they do – that is why we fit so perfectly together as we share the same beliefs.”

Hugh McCaig, Ecurie Ecosse Team Patron: “Here at Ecurie Ecosse we have a very firm plan of where we want to go and which races we want to win. The team enjoyed success at Le Mans in the 1950s and we obviously wish to return to La Sarthe in the future. Ecurie Ecosse, like Ragus, has a very clear business plan and we really hope that we can learn from each other’s successes during the years ahead.