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Ragus Pure Sugars’ Kay Sandhu earns Chairman’s Award at the Nestlé Supplier Awards 2019

Ragus Pure Sugars also named as a top 10 UK supplier. Kay’s Individual Award for Above and Beyond recognises our ‘never say no’ approach to meeting client demands.


Double recognition for Ragus Pure Sugars


Our top 10 ranking by Nestlé comes after achieving perfection on over 97% of deliveries. We are all delighted to receive such praise from a company of Nestlé’s stature and believe our ‘never say no’ approach to customer supply requests means we will only continue to the climb the rankings.

Such an honour is not possible without a team effort, but we must also congratulate Kay Sandhu, our sales office manager, on her superb achievement. Receiving a Chairman’s Individual Award for Above and Beyond service from the largest food company in the world is no mean feat. It is the perfect recognition of Kay’s tireless efforts in creating such high levels of customer satisfaction and ensuring every delivery strives for perfection.

“For our team’s work to be singled out by such a major global company is a real honour,” says Kay. “Everyone in the sales department is delighted to receive such praise for our work with Nestlé. Now let’s get to 100% perfection and make the top five supplier list!”

As well as Ragus being named a top 10 UK supplier, our sales office manager Kay Sandhu, pictured above, received a Chairman’s individual Award for Above and Beyond.

What are the Nestlé Supplier Awards?


The Nestlé Supplier Awards are an annual event in which Nestlé recognise the individuals who deliver for them every day. We as suppliers play an important role ensuring Nestle can deliver for its customers, with the ceremony and awards recognising every aspect of the supply chain that makes this possible. Nestlé ranks its list of UK suppliers based on their ability to match a specific set of standards across all deliveries for the year, with a panel of judges then awarding both individuals and companies awards to reflect this.

How are suppliers ranked by Nestlé?


Nestlé measures each delivery its suppliers make against a vendor evaluation scorecard (VES). The VES sets out an exacting set of strict criteria that every delivery must meet, with these being centred on key factors such as time and quantity. Percentage scores are then given for each delivery based on the number of constituent items that complied with the VES. This means that if a delivery contains two items and one of them fails to meet just a single VES criteria, the entire shipment earns just 50%!

“Being assessed in such a tough way makes the award win even sweeter,” concludes Kay. “It’s great to see our focus on quality, consistency and responsiveness to our customers’ needs come to fruition in this way, and we hope it leads to even greater success at next year’s awards.”

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