Ben Eastick Written by Ben Eastick

Ragus' New Factory Prepares British Success Story for a new Phase of Growth

As you know I often blog about industry issues. But today, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to chat about a landmark for us – the opening of our new factory.


The new Ragus factory

It’s a great moment for a number of reasons:

1. Serving you: We’re better able to serve you, our customers.

2. Made in Britain: Most of our factory’s equipment was made in Britain. And while the UK manufacturing industry is much maligned, it’s in much better health than the media would have you believe with world-leaders in their field dotted across the country. I must give a special mention to Musk Engineering – a British firm – that on time, to budget and with great quality, custom-made most of our production line systems.

 3. Helping our home: We’re a Slough-based business. The large investment we’ve made in the site shows the confidence we have in our community and the skills of the people who work in it. And of course the location is great for Heathrow and the overseas travel we make to source our raw materials.

4. Being Bold: Global business leaders have for years said that investing in a recession puts you in a strong position to get out of the blocks fast when things change. We took the advice but taking the plunge and building our new home in the downturn caused us a few sleepless nights. We wouldn’t be human if it didn’t. But our business is in great shape and with signs of economic recovery, we’re in a strong position to grow and invest more. That has to be good news.

What this means to customers We can give even higher levels of service to customers now. The new site is a world-class production facility. We’ve far more capacity, we’ve new systems to track and trace from source to manufacturing and on to final product, and the processing of raw materials and distribution of final product are highly efficient. We can meet any need from bespoke sugar and syrup through to bulk delivery of sugars. And what’s more, we aim to improve our on time in full (OTIF) figure for customer deliveries that already runs at 99.7 per cent.

As you’d expect, our factory is accredited to all food production standards including ISO14001 and BRC Global Standard Delivery. It has the latest machinery for the highly efficient drying, sieving, screening, blending and bagging of sugar along with custom-made stainless steel syrup inversion pans and syrup storage tanks. And it will significantly cut power and water usage, compared to our previous factory. It will therefore help us to achieve our promise to reduce carbon emissions year-on-year.

We are very proud of our new factory and will be showing press and customers around soon. Have a great 2013.