Golden Syrup

Golden Syrup produced by Ragus, one of the world's leading pure sugar manufacturers, from its advanced manufacturing site in the UK that also produces a range of pure sugars, blends and glucose products. Ragus sources raw sugar from across the world to manufacture sugars, syrups and special formulations from its advanced UK factory. Ragus ships its sugars across the world, delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the brewing, baking, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries.

This is a traditional golden syrup made from natural sugars. It’s a partially inverted syrup with a sweetness value approximately 20% greater than sucrose, a distinctive, subtle colour, and a mellow flavour. It’s used as a humectant and to reduce crystallisation, which allows it to withstand higher baking temperatures for biscuits and cakes, as well as flapjacks and puddings. It contains no added flavours or colours.

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