Ragus’ Pure Syrups range from familiar ingredients like Golden Syrup to specific custom formulations. Ragus sources raw sugar from across the world to manufacture sugars, syrups and special formulations from its advanced UK factory. Ragus ships its sugars across the world, delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the brewing, baking, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries

Glucose Syrup 42DE
Transparent, viscous syrup with a sweet taste and neutral colour. Stabilises bakery and pharmaceutical products while adding volume and a chewy texture to confectionary sweets.

Glucose Syrup 63DE
Sweeter than 42DE due to its higher sugar value, reducing the water activity and making the syrup less viscous. This increases preserving qualities and provides greater body and mouth feel, especially in beverages.

What are the applications of glucose syrup?

Glucose syrup is primarily used in confectionary and beverages, where its high glucose content acts as a sweetener. For confectionary, the syrup’s high viscosity also adds volume and chewiness to sweets.

It is also used as a humectant, helping products stay moist while extending their shelf life. In baked goods, glucose syrup is used to stabilise products, and in the pharmaceutical industry, it tends to be used to inhibit crystallisation.

Tasting notes

Storage and packaging

Storage temperature

15– 20⁰C.

Shelf life

Crystallisation (12 months); microbiology (12 months)

Packaging and storage options


Description Approx. (on sample)