Syrup (OL)

Ragus’ Pure Syrups range from familiar ingredients like Golden Syrup to specific custom formulations. Ragus sources raw sugar from across the world to manufacture sugars, syrups and special formulations from its advanced UK factory. Ragus ships its sugars across the world, delivering on-time and in-full to customers across the brewing, baking, confectionary, and pharmaceutical industries

This is a mixture of 95% invert sugar (an equal mixture of glucose and fructose created from sucrose) to 5% sucrose, with a sweetness value approximately 40% greater than sucrose. It’s used to hold moisture in food and reduce crystallisation in icings and fondants that need a soft texture. Inverts are used in ice cream and sorbets, making them easier to scoop by depressing their freezing point. This quality also helps preserve the quality of baked goods, cakes and sauces that are stored frozen.

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Syrup (OL)?

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