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    Nov 2019

    The sugar beet harvest so far

    The sugar beet harvest is underway across the world, and variant weather conditions have already made a significant impact on beet results.  UK Although many people believe we import all our sugar from sugar cane abroad, with over 3000 sugar beet growers supporting up to 9500 jobs, the sugar beet sector is certainly an integral […] ...

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    Nov 2019

    Granular detail: soft brown sugar

    What is soft brown sugar? Soft brown sugar is granulated sugar that is blended with syrup and treacle to create its brown colour. This means that it can be produced from either sugar beet or sugar cane. During manufacturing, all our soft sugars must go through sieving and metal detection first before we send the […] ...

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    Oct 2019

    How is sugar used in our favourite Halloween and Bonfire Night treats?

    As today is Halloween and next week is Bonfire Night, we thought it would be a good idea to use it as an opportunity to talk about the ever-growing treat market these two events fuel, looking at the central role sugar plays. The sweets and treats market Halloween and Bonfire Night are two of the […] ...

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    Oct 2019

    Sugar supply chain: how does it all link together?

    At Ragus, we take great pride in the transparency of our supply chain. We understand how important it is for consumers to see every step of the journey, from growing to delivery. So, for this week’s blog, we thought it would be a good idea to draw attention to our supply chain for crystalline sugar, […] ...

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    Oct 2019

    India becomes world’s biggest sugar producer: but at what cost?

    Indian Council of Agricultural Research Assistant Director-General, R.K. Singh, has declared that India have overtaken Brazil to become the world’s largest sugar producing nation. However, it has brought into the focus the country’s number one sugar-based issue – overproduction. In this blog, I’ll look at what this means for the Indian sugar industry and consider how […] ...

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    Oct 2019

    Granular detail: demerara sugar

    What is demerara sugar? Demerara sugar is a raw cane sugar with a relatively coarse grain size. It is known for its amber colour and caramel flavour, which is formed from cane juice during extraction from the crushed cane. Primarily, demerara sugar is used for topping products and adding crunch in baking applications. It takes […] ...

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