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    Feb 2020

    What do 2018/19 imports from EPA/EBA countries to the EU mean for the global sugar market?

    The EPA and EBA allow duty and quota free trade between the EU and many LDCs. Analysing the 2018/19 sugar import figures throws up some fascinating trends and insights into the global market. What are the EPA and EBA and how do they affect the sugar market?   The Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) and Everything […] ...

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    Feb 2020

    How is sugar used for Valentine’s Day?

    When looking for a way to put a smile on the face of a significant other, family or friend, it’s often something sweet. This Valentine’s Day will see the UK consume thousands of tonnes of sugar in sweets, chocolate and desserts. Below, we outline the role this plays in the food and drinks associated with […] ...

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    Feb 2020

    Granular Detail: Black Treacle

    Black treacle is a staple of supermarket shelves all over the UK, with the syrup first gaining commercial popularity in the post-war era. In this blog, we look at how it became so highly sought-after by underlining its key properties, its manufacturing process, and the applications it can be used for.   What is black treacle? […] ...

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    Jan 2020

    Global sugar market report 2020

    Recovering prices and harvests starting in earnest. The new decade in sugar is off to a fascinating start. Global sugar market position Global sugar prices are still trying to recover from the 10 year low in 2018. Prices are currently at 14 c/lb compared to a high of 15 c/lb this time last year. They […] ...

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    Jan 2020

    Granular Detail: Glucose Syrup

    Typically used in commercial food and drink production, glucose syrup is consumed by millions of people daily. In this week’s blog we explain the properties, production methods and applications of one of the most versatile products in the world. What is glucose syrup? Glucose syrup is a refined and concentrated solution of dextrose, maltose and […] ...

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    Jan 2020

    3 sugar market trends for 2020

    At the advent of a new year and decade, we look at the factors set to shape the sugar market in 2020. Brexit The UK is set to leave the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020. This motion is in place after a Commons majority of 124 backed Johnson’s EU Bill on 20 December […] ...

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