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    Jul 2022

    Will WHO’s new draft guidance impact product formulation?

    The World Health Organization (WHO) has released updated guidelines on the use of non-sugar sweeteners (NSS) in foods and beverages and has called for commentary and input on the subject. Published on 15 July 2022, the draft guidelines are important to the food and beverage industry, as any final recommendations could impact on product formulation. […] ...

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    Jul 2022

    Producing sugar crystals at the mill

    Our sugarcane journey continues as we take you on a journey from the field to the mill. This step in the path to the manufacture of pure sugars in bulk for industry involves a fascinating dance of careful science and bulk industrial equipment. Let’s see what happens next. A process steeped in history Did you […] ...

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    Jul 2022

    Authentic Thai food and beverages depend on pure sugars for success

    Sugar is an essential part of Thai cuisine. From authentic food and drink to modern interpretations and fusions, the presence of sweetness is never far away. With Thailand, our next stop on our ‘around the world’ series. boasting some of the most dynamic combinations of hot, cold, sweet and sour, the use of pure sugars […] ...

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    Jul 2022

    Growing and harvesting sugarcane

    Here at Ragus, we are intimately familiar with the sugarcane plant. It’s used as a vital raw material in the manufacture of the pure sugars we deliver in bulk to industry and underpins our range of crystalline sugars and syrups. Over 1.9 billion tonnes of sugarcane are harvested each year. There’s much to know about […] ...

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    Jun 2022

    Can syrups take the place of sugars in bakery?

    With the Government targeting sugar as part of its drive to cut obesity, one option for bakers is to use pure sugar syrups to create sweetness in baked goods. Formulation changes such as these do have an impact on the taste, textures and other features of the final product. What is the impact of substituting […] ...

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    Jun 2022

    Pure sugars enhancing cuisine around the world: Italy

    The next stop in our ‘around the world’ series is Italy. In this country, the artful use of traditionally limited ingredients of incredible quality, including pure sugars, leads to spectacular results. From baked goods and creamy gelato through to the world-famous espresso so vital to the daily lives of citizens and visitors, pure sugars are […] ...

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