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    Aug 2020

    The EU’s ban on neonicotinoids: two years on

    Two years on from the European Union’s (EU) ban on the use of neonicotinoids on any outdoor crop, we explore how sugar beet farmers are managing this challenging terrain, before looking at possible solutions that meet the needs of all stakeholder groups. Why are neonicotinoids significant to sugar beet growers? Transmitted by aphids, Virus Yellows […] ...

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    Jul 2020

    Managing people in a flexible working environment

    Four months after the government made work from home compulsory where possible, and with many businesses not returning to their offices until 2021, this blog has given me the chance to share my thoughts on flexible working, including the lessons learnt from this unprecedented period. While many argue that working from home has brought significant […] ...

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    Jul 2020

    Is sugar vegan?

    As a branch of increased ethical consumerism, veganism has been one of the most transformative and fast-moving trends of the last decade. But, are pure sugars and syrups suitable for vegans and how does that impact the products they are used in? What is veganism? Veganism is a lifestyle choice in which an individual seeks […] ...

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    Jul 2020

    How is sugar used in cereal?

    Cereal is a staple breakfast food throughout the Western world. Sugar has been crucial to its production from inception to the present day, adding a sweet flavour to the different types of grain while ensuring maximum possible shelf life. Below we consider the importance of cereal in Western diets, why sugar is an essential ingredient […] ...

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    Jul 2020

    The rise of the ethical consumer

    The last two decades have seen consumers place increasing importance on the provenance of the products they purchase, leading to a surge in sales of ethically produced, Fairtrade and organic foods and drinks. What was a steady change in buyer behaviour has been rapidly increased by the restrictions enforced by the global COVID-19 pandemic, placing […] ...

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    Jul 2020

    Sugar’s role in the manufacture of ice cream

    With the latest heatwave to hit the UK seeing consistently high temperatures in the late twenties, consumer ice cream sales have rocketed. The UK take-home and bulk buy ice cream market was worth a considerable £1.2 billion in 2018, and with the current climate in the UK, 2020 should return similar figures. With this backdrop […] ...

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