Frank O'Kelly Written by Frank O'Kelly

Filming Gets Underway On “Project Goldie”

Project Goldie Crew

Ragus Marketing Director Ben Eastick with photographers, stylists, models, art directors and brand consultants on the studio set.

Production is well underway for the soon to be released video to ‘lift the lid’ on the origins and present  day modern manufacture of the glorious elixer that is Golden Syrup. Code named “Project Goldie” the video will highlight the versatility of the natural product for taste, texture and appearance in modern food production and its value to professional bakers, chefs and confectioners.

Food Professionals

Food Professionals rely on Ragus ingredients for their products.

Star of the production is Ragus’ Eastick’s Golden Syrup. It connects the product’s inventor Charles Eastick to the founding of his Ragus company in 1928 and to the Ragus company today.

Eastick's Golden Syrup & Toffee Apple

Ragus’ Eastick’s Golden Syrup for confectionery products.

Eastick's Golden Syrup & Glazed Ham

Ragus’ Eastick’s Golden Syrup for meat glazes.

Eastick's Golden Syrup & Pastries

Ragus’ Eastick’s Golden Syrup for bakery products.



Charles Eastick MBE (1860-1947)