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    Feb 2021

    Chinese New Year: recipes to celebrate the Year of the Ox

    As part of our new series focusing on sugar applications from across the globe and, ahead of Chinese New Year tomorrow, we have detailed some of the recipes that form part of the festival’s traditions. Many Chinese New Year dishes are sweet, rich and bright, and pure sugars and syrups play an important role in […]

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    Feb 2021

    Ireland’s winter foods: sugar applications from across the Irish Sea

    This is the first blog of our new series focusing on seasonal sugar applications from across the globe, starting with one of the UK’s neighbours. Ireland boasts a rich food heritage, with pure sugars playing an important role in the production of many of the nation’s most popular foods. In this blog, we explore how […]

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    Jan 2021

    Lockdown baking: biscuit recipes for beginners and professionals

    The events of the past year have resulted in an unprecedented boom in home baking. Indeed, when the UK’s first lockdown began in March, baking ingredients became almost 50% more valuable, with supermarkets experiencing both sugar and flour shortages. But many domestic bakers are now feeling jaded by even the thought of banana bread, the […]

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    Jan 2021

    Neonicotinoids update: more long-term thinking required

    Sugar beet growers in the UK have long been struggling to contain the deadly Virus Yellows, which is transmitted by aphids. The insecticide used to treat it most effectively, neonicotinoids, was banned by the EU in 2018 in a move intended to protect bees and ecosystems. This blog explores what the UK government’s latest decision […]

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    Jan 2021

    Wintertime applications of golden syrup

    Golden syrup is one of the most widely-used sugar products across the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Its popularity means it has distinct applications across the four seasons. In this blog, we explore the golden elixir’s wintertime applications from both a traditional and modern perspective, explaining how its unique flavour and extensive functional […]

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    Jan 2021

    Golden syrup innovation: part of Ragus’ DNA

    In the third blog of our heritage series, we explain Ragus’ intrinsic relationship with golden syrup by exploring some key examples of the Eastick family’s innovations with the golden elixir. From the invention of golden syrup in 1883 through to today’s state-of-the-art industrial production, innovation has formed a crucial part of Ragus’ rich sugar heritage. […]

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