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    Jan 2021

    Wintertime applications of golden syrup

    Golden syrup is one of the most widely-used sugar products across the UK, North America, Australia and New Zealand. Its popularity means it has distinct applications across the four seasons. In this blog, we explore the golden elixir’s wintertime applications from both a traditional and modern perspective, explaining how its unique flavour and extensive functional […]

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    Jan 2021

    Golden syrup innovation: part of Ragus’ DNA

    In the third blog of our heritage series, we explain Ragus’ intrinsic relationship with golden syrup by exploring some key examples of the Eastick family’s innovations with the golden elixir. From the invention of golden syrup in 1883 through to today’s state-of-the-art industrial production, innovation has formed a crucial part of Ragus’ rich sugar heritage. […]

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    Dec 2020

    Rationing in the Great War: the UK’s sugar industry changed forever

    This is the second blog in our series exploring Ragus’ storied legacy. It focuses on Charles Eastick’s role administering sugar rations in the First World War, and how the war’s events impacted Ragus’ rich sugar heritage. The Great War demanded much from the people and businesses of the UK, but it is often in times […]

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    Dec 2020

    How can different sugars affect Christmas pudding?

    With the twelve days of Christmas truly upon us at last, we’ve explored how different sugars in Christmas puddings give distinct results. What is a traditional Christmas pudding? To be classed as a pudding, a cake must be cooked by being steamed in a basin on a hob. Eating the Christmas variety of this can […]

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    Dec 2020

    Festive foods: how pure sugars deliver function as well as flavour

    With just over a week until Christmas day, this blog focuses on the applications of pure sugar products in festive foods and beverages, explaining the qualities they offer industrial and artisanal producers. The blog centres on three key markets – bakery, sauces and alcoholic beverages – with each application from these markets requiring highly specific […]

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    Dec 2020

    Exploring the role Martineaus played in developing the Ragus of today

    Between now and the new year, we will be focusing on Ragus’ rich sugar heritage, retelling some of the stories that have shaped who we are today. This first blog of the series explores the role Martineaus sugar refinery played in our storied legacy. The growth of sugar refineries in the UK, nineteenth century Sugar […]

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