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    Jun 2020

    The UK’s options for importing sugar after Brexit

    Just before the UK was gripped by coronavirus, the government outlined its plans for agriculture in a post-Brexit environment. The proposed bill represented a shift from the direct payments to farmers outlined in the EU’s CAP to a new payment system centred on decarbonising British farming. Below we analyse how this could affect the UK’s […]

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    Jun 2020

    Introducing Ragus’ CSR Manager: Henry Eastick

    Ragus is delighted to announce the appointment of Henry Eastick as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Manager. CSR underpins operations at Ragus, from ensuring we only ever source through ethical and transparent supply chains to always seeking to limit the carbon footprint of our production facility. Henry will provide a focal point for these activities, channelling […]

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    May 2020

    The history of golden syrup

    Golden syrup is inextricably linked to the Ragus story. First formulated by our founder Charles Eastick, it has since become one of the world’s most ubiquitous and well-known sugar products. But how did the golden elixir come into existence and what role does it play in the Ragus of today? 1863-1885: humble beginnings to a […]

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    May 2020

    How is sugar used in beverages?

    Sugar is a vital component of many of the beverages we consume daily. Its presence is both functional and to provide flavour, ensuring drinks retain their distinct tastes and characteristics alongside maximum shelf life. Below, we explore the role it plays in soft, alcoholic and hot beverages, with each application providing an insight into its […]

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    May 2020

    Is sugar Kosher?

    In this blog, we will look at what it means for food to be Kosher, along with the sourcing and manufacturing processes of our pure sugar products that mean they have been certified as Kosher. What does Kosher mean? Kosher is a label given to food that conforms to Jewish dietary regulations under the kashrut, […]

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    May 2020

    How is sugar used in the desserts industry?

    Without pure sugars and syrups, the desserts industry would be unrecognisable. In this week’s blog, we explain why the application of pure sugars is imperative to a huge variety of desserts, exploring three types and their sugar ingredients. Why is sugar used in desserts? The primary reason is flavour. Usually consumed at the end of […]

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