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    May 2022

    The 2022 Marmalade Festival and its sugars

    Marmalade is a fruit preserve or ‘compote’ loved by many across Britain, including Paddington Bear and James Bond. Spread on our toast, applied to flapjacks and roast duck, and even the ‘World’s Original Marmalade Awards’, an annual event in Penrith, in the English Lake District – there are true marmalade fanatics across the globe. And […]

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    May 2022

    How has Brexit impacted the UK sugar industry?

    Back in 2019, while the UK was waiting to see what the outcome of the Brexit agreement would be, we wrote a blog series exploring the impact a deal could have on the sugar industry. Now, over three years on, we’re returning to the subject to see what has changed in that time.  Uncertainty of […]

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    Apr 2022

    Around the world series: sugar application in traditional Texan BBQs

    We have arrived once again on our ‘around the world’ series. This time we have landed in the wild west of Texas. The second largest state in the US, famous for its cowboy boots, being the live music capital of the United States and of course, its delicious BBQ cuisine. Welcome to Texas Texas BBQ […]

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    Apr 2022

    Sugar in medicated confectionary and health supplements

    As is the case with most pharmaceutical products, sugar plays a vital role in the manufacturing process of medicated confectionary and health supplements. From improving the taste of medicinal syrups to extending the shelf-life of vitamin tablets, sugar is crucial to adding flavour, texture and preservative qualities What do these products do?  Medicated confectionary is […]

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    Apr 2022

    Sugar applications in Easter baking and confectionary

    From hot cross buns, carrot cake and simnel cake, to the iconic chocolate egg, spring has sprung, and Easter baking and confectionary is upon us. As Ragus continue to manufacture a variety of high-quality crystalline sugars, syrups and custom formulations, our customers producing food, beverages or pharmaceuticals will continue to require our services. This blog will […]

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    Apr 2022

    Reformulating recipes: sugar’s role in providing alternatives

    There are many reasons why manufacturers might opt to reformulate their product recipes, whether it be a response to costs, supply chain failures, or consumer feedback. And as a versatile product with a range of functional properties, pure sugar products can perform a key role in facilitating the formulation of foods and beverages. What is […]

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