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    Jan 2020

    3 sugar market trends for 2020

    At the advent of a new year and decade, we look at the factors set to shape the sugar market in 2020. Brexit The UK is set to leave the European Union (EU) on 31 January 2020. This motion is in place after a Commons majority of 124 backed Johnson’s EU Bill on 20 December […]

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    Dec 2019

    Our best perspectives from 2019

    As 2019 draws to a close, we’ve compiled a list of our ten favourite blogs from another fascinating year in the world of sugar. Tariffs on sugars explained (22 February 2019) In February, when we explored how the complex system of European Union (EU) sugar tariffs could change in a post-Brexit Britain. This involved explaining […]

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    Dec 2019

    How can different sugars affect Christmas pudding?

    With Christmas week fast approaching, we’ve explored how different sugars in Christmas puddings give distinct results. What is a traditional Christmas pudding? To be classed as a pudding, a cake must be cooked by being steamed in a basin on a hob. Eating the Christmas variety of this can be traced back to medieval times, […]

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    Dec 2019

    How the outcome of the election could affect the UK sugar industry

    As Britain goes to the polls, what impact could the election have on the UK’s sugar industry? What do businesses want from the UK general election? Another year has passed and the time for making and confirming deals based on tonnage and sugar type has come and gone. We are still, therefore, uncertain of the […]

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    Dec 2019

    Ragus’ sugar story: how our 90-year heritage informs our practices

    December is a time of festivities and family traditions. So, for this week’s blog, we’ve reflected on our family history to engage with the seasonal spirit. The inspiration behind Ragus, 1880s Between the 1740s and the 1820s, sugar was Britain’s most valuable import. As sugar became ubiquitous in British life, its potential for new products […]

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    Nov 2019

    The sugar beet harvest: from the field to the factory

    With the sugar beet harvest in full swing, we have taken the opportunity to explain the process – putting words alongside pictures of a recent sourcing trip – so that you can see the journey that sugar beet goes through before we source it as refined sugar. From the field In the UK, the sugar […]

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