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    May 2021

    Liquorice: how different sugars impact flavour and production

    Though records date from antiquity, liquorice plants were first grown in the UK at a monastery in Pontefract, Yorkshire, having been brought over from the Middle East at the start of the twelfth century. Liquorice confectionery was then born in the UK’s largest county several centuries later and the sweets have grown in popularity ever […]

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    May 2021

    Why food manufacturers rely on sugar analysis and testing

      Sugar analysis and product testing are integral to operations at Ragus and the wider food production industry. In this blog, we explain what these practices entail and why we implement them, along with the benefits they provide our customers. What is sugar analysis and testing?   Sugar analysis and testing is the process of […]

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    Apr 2021

    German foods: sugar applications from across the North Sea

    The next blog in our series of global sugar applications focuses on a not-too-distant neighbour, Germany. Though discussion of German food and beverages may crudely conjure images of sausages and beer, its food heritage is much more diverse and varied. Read on to find out how a selection of traditional German foods utilise pure sugar […]

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    Apr 2021

    Thinking differently: viewing sugar as component parts

    Pure sugars, syrups and treacles offer benefits far beyond sweetening. They perform vital manufacturing functions that are often overlooked, from stabilising medicines to feeding the yeast in bread. Here, we explore some of sugar’s most important functions and explain why so many of the products we rely on from day to day would be defunct […]

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    Apr 2021

    A master of the visual medium: Colin Peacock in memoriam

    Being a long-standing family business, perhaps we hold dear our closest employees and partners, always with an eye looking to the long term good of the business. So, it is with much sadness we pay tribute to the extremely talented and gifted freelance photographer, Colin Peacock, who has sadly died from a short but sudden […]

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    Apr 2021

    How is sugar used in the dairy industry?

    Dairy products, which are worth £9.2 billion per year in the UK alone, rely on sugar for a multitude of functions, including enhancing taste, developing mouthfeel and extending shelf life. Here, we examine the important and varied functions that sugar performs in four main dairy products. Why is sugar in milk? When many consumers browse […]

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