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A demerara sourced from Malawi in South East Africa is a key taste ingredient.

Based in the heart of the former global hop industry, Westerham Brewery produces premium ales, using locally sourced hops from one of the last two hop farms in the Weald of Kent. The farm’s owners, the National Trust, and their farmer Ian Strang, are as passionate about reviving Kent’s hop trade as Westerham is passionate about brewing.

Westerham head brewer Robert Wicks says, “The secret to our flavoursome ales lies in the raw ingredients we use, from the locally grown hops to the Fairtrade Demerara Sugar. All are paramount to creating the right blend and consumer experience for even the most discerning of beer drinker”.

Our key Westerham Brewery pure sugar ingredient is sourced and imported from Malawi by Ragus and processed by us in our state-of-the-art UK facility .

Did you know?
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    Refined sugar is 99.95% pure sucrose. It’s just purified sugar, with no preservatives or additives of any kind.

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    We store carbohydrates (like sugar) in our bodies as a substance called glycogen; the more glycogen you have stored up, the longer you can exercise before feeling tired. You should replace your carbohydrate stores soon after exercise – one way to do that is a soft drink or sugary snack.