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Our very own golden syrup is an irreplaceable ingredient for a rapidly growing baker.

Golden Syrup Bakery

Roland Papiani started in 1989, making flapjacks in his wife’s kitchen. Today his successful business is a major supplier in the food service sector and retail forecourts. RJ Foods produce over 35,000 flapjacks a day, of more than 30 types: from their most popular toffee-covered flavour to chocolate, cherry and sultana, yoghurt, bakewell, coconut, caramel and many more.

They all have one vital ingredient: a third of each flapjack, whichever recipe it is, consists of Eastick’s Golden Syrup. Roland Papiani has been using our golden syrup since he started – and as his company grew, so did his demand for syrup. At first, RJ Foods bought small 25 kilo pails via a local bakery wholesaler, but soon moved on to taking bulk road tankers. The flapjacks don’t have the same taste or consistency using syrup from anywhere else: and Mr Papiani comments, “If we try to get golden syrup from other suppliers it’s just hopeless, you just can’t get the service that Ragus provides. The interest that Ragus shows in our products and business as a whole is why we keep using them.”

Did you know?
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    Sugar is a natural preservative; it binds water, which inhibits bacteria from multiplying and thus slows down food decay.

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    Sugar may improve your workout. An Ohio State University study of female rowers found that those who consumed dextrose (a natural sugar used in syrups and jellies) improved their performance.