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Bulk syrup supplier: high-quality pure sugars for industrial food manufacturers

Bulk syrup created from pure sugars underpins industrial food and beverage production, ranging from soft drinks and beers, through many types of baking and confectionery, to sauces, marinades and ice creams. As a leading bulk syrup producer, we understand that food and beverage producers depend on reliable and high-quality sugar products. All our bulk syrups are created using pure sugars with precise production methods ensuring every batch is consistent.

Workers in high visibility health and safety clothing and helmet looking into bulk sugar syrup vat in production facility.

Bulk syrup manufacture at our industry-leading production facility. 

Here we explore the seven key bulk syrups we produce, what differentiates each one, how they are made and their unique applications.

What are syrups?

A syrup is a concentrated sugar solution, typically a combination of sucrose or glucose and natural or added flavourings and ingredients in water. Viscosities vary from thick molasses, treacles and golden syrup to freer flowing invert sugars and liquid sugars.

It is the precise ingredients and physical properties that provide the unique flavours and properties of the final food and beverage products. Ragus works directly with customers to define their exact syrup production requirements, so we produce high quality and consistent bulk syrups from natural sugars.

Our expert customer services team, supported by our creative sugar chemists and demanding quality control department, will work closely with customers to develop the precise syrup formulation that meets their production requirements.

We produce seven core syrups that fall into two broad categories: specialised bulk syrup ingredients and household bulk syrup ingredients.

Specialised bulk syrup ingredients

Sugar plays a vital role in the production of many everyday foods and drinks, not only adding sweetness but also influencing texture, body, viscosity, acting as a humectant and other properties. We supply partial and full invert sugars, liquid sugars and refiner’s sugar for bulk production.

Liquid sugar is specific to industrial syrup production. It is an exceptionally versatile pure sugar product, with a mellow sweetness without a specific flavour and is a translucent liquid that does not add colour to a product.

Liquid sugar is used to add bulk and sweetness to everything from toffee and ice cream to beverages and bee feed. Brewers also use liquid sugar to aid in priming and fermentation of ciders and beers. Learn more about liquid sugar here. 

Full invert sugar syrup production heats a sucrose solution in an inversion pan to breakdown, or hydrolyse, the sucrose into glucose and fructose. The resulting intensely sweet syrup is 40% sweeter than sucrose and is often used in low-fat products as a glycerine substitute. It helps preserve the texture and taste of frozen food, depresses the freezing point of ice creams and sorbets to soften them, and is used to create smooth fondants and icings.

Partial invert sugar syrup is also produced from heated sucrose solution, but additional sucrose is added later in the process. The resulting syrup enables 20% sucrose reduction in fruit-flavoured drinks and is found in cereal mixes and bars.

Both types of invert syrup are humectants and help prevent microbial spoilage, optimising product shelf life. Discover more about their properties here. 

Refiner’s syrup is a partial invert produced by hydrolysing sucrose into fructose and glucose used as a base for sugar product production and used in producing other types of syrup.

Ragus’ bulk syrup ingredients are ideally suited to industrial manufacture, enabling manufacturers to improve quality, efficiency, and reliability. They all have unique functional properties that can be used in a wide range of industries such as baking, pharmaceuticals, sauces, cereals, desserts and brewing.

Household bulk syrup ingredients

We produce three main types of household bulk syrup ingredients.

Golden Syrup is the most iconic of our bulk syrups, with the golden elixir invented by our founder, Charles Eastick, in 1883. It is a partial invert sugar with a thick, pourable viscosity, a mellow caramelised flavour and a sweetness value approximately 20% greater than white sugar. Watch the video below to find out how golden syrup is manufactured today.

As a flavoursome invert, golden syrup is ideally suited to limit crystallisation in ice cream, as an ingredient in baking and sauces, and as a topping or condiment for many foods, from porridge to pancakes. Learn more about golden syrup here. 

Black treacle is a rich flavoured, dark, viscous syrup with a high molasses content, with a flavour more rounded than molasses. This strong flavour is developed during syrup production by blending cane molasses with refiner’s syrup.

Both black treacle’s texture and taste lend it to being used in spiced sweet foods, such as gingerbread, liquorice and Christmas pudding. It plays a key role in savoury food and beverages, including developing the depth of smoky marinades and brewing mild ales.

Cane molasses is thicker and darker than black treacle, with a robust, bittersweet flavour. Its deep colour and flavour mean cane molasses is used in savoury sauces and marinades, as well as sweet foods such as toffee and parkin. It is a key ingredient in rum.

The stand-out qualities of these syrups are their unique flavour profiles and functional properties, making them ideally suited to bulk manufacture and applications.

Specialised bulk syrup ingredients are sweet and often have neutral flavours – whereas the household bulk syrup ingredients of golden syrup, black treacle and cane molasses are sweet and mellow, sweet and strong/rounded, and sweet and robust, respectively. As they each have unique flavour profiles and functional properties, they are used in distinct applications that span a wide range of industries such as baking, sauces, beverages and desserts.

How are Ragus syrups produced and packaged?

Each of the seven pure sugars syrups detailed above is produced in bulk at our UK-based production facility in Slough, west of London, using highly specialised plant operated by our expert and experienced factory team. Learn more about our syrups’ properties, bulk syrup production and applications on our dedicated syrups product webpages.

Ragus bulk syrup silver tanker on lorry

Delivering our range of pure syrups in bulk road tankers. 

As liquids, our syrups are typically packaged in up to 30,000 litre bulk road tankers, 1,000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) and some products are available in 25kg pails. We understand the challenges and just-in-time delivery turnaround requirements of food and beverage producers, so focus on delivering to customer-specific schedules. We distribute bulk syrups to customers throughout the UK and continental Europe and pride ourselves on our industry-leading delivery performance figures.

Ragus has over 90 years’ experience manufacturing syrups in bulk, helping you to identify the suitable syrup for your application. To benefit from our syrup production and supplying capabilities, contact a member of our customer services team on +44 (0)1753 575353 or For more sugar news and Ragus updates, follow Ragus on LinkedIn.