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Bonsucro Sugar Visit Ragus UK Facility

Ben Eastick, Manuela Czinar, Joe Woodruff and Richard Livermore

Manuela Czinar and Joe Woodruff of Bonsucro with Ragus’ Ben Eastick and Richard Livermore.

Bonsucro the global non-profit, multi-stakeholder organisation for sustainable sugarcane production visited the Ragus manufacturing facility to better understand the unique production capabilities of the UK based operation.

“It was fascinating to see one of our members with such technical expertise and a diverse range of products, all in the United Kingdom. Ragus are a great example of the diversity and strength of Bonsucro’s membership”.

– Joe Woodruff, Communications Specialist at Bonsucro

Following on from the successful End User and Intermediary conference in London in July, Ragus’ Ben Eastick and Richard Livermore outlined the importance of delivering the uptake of certified sugar in order to ensure the expansion of Bonsucro certified sugar. Globally, the land that is under sugarcane cultivation that is now Bonsucro certified stands at 3.74%.

Manuela Czinar & Joe Woodruff

Bonsucro’s Manuela Czinar and Joe Woodruff visiting the Ragus UK production facility.