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    Mar 2019

    Sugar prices set to rise if no deal Brexit, shows Government Tariff Reference Document

    Industrial sugar costs will rise if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on 28 March, as a result of a new post-Brexit tariff regime announced by Government.   New post no deal Brexit tariffs increase EU sugar import costs   Industrial sugar customers across sectors such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, brewing and […] ...

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    Feb 2019

    Brexit blog 1: How will a no deal hard Brexit affect the UK sugar industry?

    Could reverting to WTO rules after a hard Brexit mean lower costs for UK sugar buyers? In theory, yes. But in practice the UK sector’s oligopoly structure means prices could actually increase. Brexit means the EU no longer negotiates trade deals for the UK A no deal Brexit means the UK’s sugar industry reverts to […] ...

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    Feb 2019

    Tariffs on sugars explained

    Breaking down the complex and often confusing world of EU sugar tariffs. What will they mean post-March 29? What are international trade tariffs? According to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), tariffs are “customs duties on merchandise imports”. Essentially, a tariff or customs duty is a tax on imported products, usually levied at the border or […] ...

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    Mar 2019

    Brexit blog 2: Will UK sugar price volatility improve post-Brexit?

    Post-Brexit tariff-free deals with non-EU countries should reduce UK sugar prices and help calm a volatile market. But only if markets function properly. Why is the UK sugar price so volatile? Sugar prices in the UK when buying in sterling fluctuate extensively. For example, over the last 12 months, for some buyers the price of […] ...

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    Feb 2019

    How to reduce sugarcane GHG emissions: Bonsucro

    Sugarcane greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions can be cut by over half, alongside a 65% reduction in water use, and an increase in yield if producers adopt Bonsucro’s voluntary sustainability standards (VSS). A landmark report from the University of Minnesota has shown “that adoption of the environmental criteria in the Bonsucro VSS […] would greatly reduce […] ...

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    Feb 2019

    Christmas Pudding Production Starts Now

    For the most of us we maybe polishing off the last of the chocolates or eating the last slice of Christmas cake, however, did you know that food manufacturers are already planning and producing Christmas cakes and Christmas puddings for December 2019. Christmas doesn’t just come around one day a year for the food industry, […] ...

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