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    Aug 2019

    Taking sugar away is not the answer

    The government’s recent sugar-centric attempts to tackle the obesity crisis may be providing only half an answer. Sugar in the spotlight Sugar’s recent journey to being firmly on the government’s radar has been several years in the making. It began with the discovery of so-called “hidden” sugars in our foods, in turn leading to an […]

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    Aug 2019

    What is Fair trade sugar?

    Fair trade has risen to become one of the most respected certifications of fair and ethical food production in the world. But what does it mean for sugar? What is fair trade and how does it work? Fair trade is an agreement between institutions designed to help producers achieve better prices for what they grow […]

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    Aug 2019

    The questions to ask when selecting the best sugar for your product

    In this week’s blog, we discuss what to think about and ask when looking for the right sugar for your application. At Ragus, we help at every stage of the sugar buying process, from choosing the best sugar product for your application right through to consistently delivering on-time. The customer service team and I are […]

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    Aug 2019

    Striking a fair balance: insecticides and sugar beet growing

    With increasing pressure from the EU on growers, a solution needs to be found that controls insects but promotes high yields. Why do sugar beet growers need insecticides? An insecticide is a substance designed to kill insects, in either adult, larvae or egg form. It is vital to modern day agriculture and is seen as […]

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    Aug 2019

    Why should sugar be sourced ethically?

    Sugar production begins with sourcing. At Ragus our 90-year history as an independent importer of sugar underpins our approach to product traceability and ethical sourcing of beet and cane sugar. Where does Ragus source its sugar? Although both can be used to produce a whole range of sugar products, sugar cane and sugar beet require […]

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    Jul 2019

    How is sugar used in brewing?

    You can’t brew without sugar, so what exactly is its role when producing ales, lagers, porters and stouts? No alcohol without sugar When making a drink such as an ale, lager, porter or stout, the basic principle is to extract the sugars from grains (typically barley or malt) that yeast can then turn into alcohol […]

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