Our new factory Video

Nov 30 2011

We have made a short video to highlight the improvements our new factory will bring to our our production capability

New Ragus factory to be built on SEGRO estate.

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New Factory Is Still On Target

Oct 03 2011

Part of the framework for the new refinery is up and this week saw the first 10 holding tanks craned into position.

The roof  and parts of the external construction are near completion.Untitled-1

SEGRO & Kier release image of Ragus refinery.

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Hacienda El Tesoro visits the Slough factory

Jul 17 2009

Willy Harcourt-Cooze celebrity chocolatier and his brother Harry Pryor The Times sports writer visited the Ragus refinary to see how we condition Cuban raw cane prior to dispatch to the uffculme chocolate works.Mel Boyle, Willy Harcourt-Cooze  & Harry Pryor inspect Cuban organic sugar.

Mel Boyle, Willy Harcourt-Cooze  & Harry Pryor inspect Cuban organic sugar.

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